Sunday, May 11, 2008

Zoo and other fun stuff

We went to the zoo on one of the few days we had off from school between semesters and it was lots of fun! The kids were pretty excited to go and I don't think they were disappointed.

Isn't this a cool drinking fountain!?
We went to the elephant show and it is amazing what you can teach an animal with just a couple of carrots and really good timing. Raelin's favorite highlight of the zoo was the baby giraffe. We were able to get pretty close to them and the baby was so cute!

Ryker's favorite were the monkeys. Here are my two little monkeys! I'd hoped to catch a monkey in the background of this picture, but no luck.

This tiger was my favorite part of the zoo. Look how huge his mouth is! When we first got to his enclosure, he was prowling around probably wanting his dinner and we got to hear him roar! It was so cool!

Cute, happy kids!

Ryker took this picture! I cropped it a little bit because we were all the way to the right side of the frame, but he got both of us in the picture!
What a happy boy! The kids got to ride the train and play at the cool park and see all the animals. It was a great day. We weren't even out of the parking lot before the kids were completely passed out. Then Brice and I drove up the canyon nearby and did some exploring. It was beautiful up there (except for the piles of snow that were still lingering. I'm so sick of snow!)
Oh, yeah. The funny story of the day was that we were playing at the park and I turned around to find Ryker standing by a tree with his pants halfway down! He's potty training and he doesn't always get that you can't just pee on any tree you see! Luckily, we caught him before he started to go and hurried him off to the bathroom.
We went to campus one day so I could get some work done. We played for a while at the fountain and I tried to get some good pictures, but one of the first things that happened was that Ryker fell off the ledge and smashed his hands and bonked his head. Poor kid. It's the story of his life.And here is our little stud all dressed up for church with wearing Daddy's tie and everything. What a handsome boy! (See, we don't always dress him like a girl!)