Thursday, June 7, 2012


Something happened earlier today or yesterday and I thought, "I should put that on the blog" and now I can't remember what it was, so meanwhile, here are some pictures to enjoy.
There's something about this type of overhead shot that I LOVE for little kids. It's like it exaggerates their littleness or something and it makes them look so cute! 

Cute sleepy baby all squished and curled up

Alaina's not quite strong enough to wear Ailey very well, but for the few minutes she can handle it, it sure is cute!

A few weeks ago Alaina was a naughty princess (her words, not mine) and she CHOPPED her hair! Her long, beautiful, curly locks are gone, gone, gone. It nearly broke my heart. She had her hair half up in piggies and she cut the piggies OFF! It was devastating!

So sad! And just in time for her to be a flower girl in my brother's wedding at the end of the month too! I did my best to fix it and it looks okay if it's up but when it's down, it's just kinda shaggy.

Sleepy girls! Alaina was weeping about everything when we  were taking a shower so I told her she could wrap up in her towel and lay on my bed. I got out just a few minutes later and found this.

This is Alaina's new picture pose. Flippin' the bird while she shows you a funny face. I love it!! Hahaha!

She was just chillin' in her chair playing with her new-found hands and I happened to catch her when she looked up. Love those pouty lips!

My dad was in Canada on a business trip when Ailey was born and he went to a  baby stuff store up there and tried to have some ladies help him find a gift for the new little one. He found them less than useful and ended up picking the PERFECT thing all on his own! He got Ailey this awesome swaddle blanket that I LOVE! I love it even more now that she's a little bigger and it snugs around her better. And she loves it too and sleeps SO well in it.

Got those fingers in her mouth! Uh oh! Another one? We'll see!

My wonderful friend Kari loaned me her Bumbo chair and this little muscle baby LOVES it!

Kisses for baby!

Pretty girls!

Ryker fell asleep in timeout

Naked baby passed out in her swing

Brice discovered that she likes to sleep in the laundry baskets. Don't worry, the clothes are clean.

Such a pretty face!

Today was the first day of summer and we built a town with a  masking-tape road running all over. It was loads of fun!

These pictures are Landon's progression through trying to figure out how to smile for the camera. I love his faces!!

Blue Steel

Alaina wanted to jump in on the fun too.

My favorite!

Alaina's trademark flip-you-off funny face.

And to finish off the set, here is Alaina's outfit she chose for the day. Love her! And yes, I took her out in public in it. :)