Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yeah, I know

It's been AGES since I posted last. Sorry, been a bit busy and a tad overwhelmed. But at last, the crazy semester is officially OVER! Hooray! But due to the mountain of stuff I have to do to get ready for this wonderful holiday season (that, combined with the fact that my camera died--so sad! :(--and I don't have many new pictures to blog about and get depressed every time I think about how many Kodak moments I'm missing out on with my cute kids), this will be a short post:

Guess who's walking!? Yup, Alaina finally took her first steps on Sunday! It's so cute! I love how little she looks with her skinny little legs toddling around! She thinks it's so scary and so funny. She hesitates to start and then when she gets close to me she dives at me and laughs and flails her arms. So funny! I tried to get video of it this morning, but she was not cooperating. Maybe next time...Sorry about the picture quality; our phone cameras are good but not THAT good. I guess it's better than nothing though.

And just because she's so stinking cute! Here are some pictures of Alaina's mousie ears that she wore for Halloween (yes, I know Halloween was a LONG time ago. I have a lot of catching up to do!):
And mostly because I've been waiting a LONG time to show off my crafts (some gifts were in the mail and I didn't want to spoil the surprise), here are some pictures of baby carriers I've started making. They are called Mei Tai (pronounced may tie) carriers and they are the BEST! I've tried just about every kind of carrier out there (all homemade because I'm too cheap to fork over the dough for these pricey things but I LOVE them) and this is my favorite. The weight sits over my hips and lower back and it's super comfy and versatile. And reversible--two different patterns out of one carrier! I can wear Alaina on my front, back, or hip for just as long as I want (well, sometimes cooking with her on my back starts to strain from all the bending and leaning over) and hike for hours. The only thing I don't like about it is putting it on outside when the ground is wet. I haven't found a way to keep the straps from dragging and getting dirty as I put it on. This one was my trial carrier to see if I could do something this intricate (my sewing skills are just developing). I was pretty happy with how it turned out!And this one I made twice; once for a friend who just had a baby and certainly needed an Asian carrier since her hubby is from Hong Kong and, therefore, their baby is half Asian, and once for myself. Blue on one side:
And a gorgeous green Asian fabric my mom gave me for the other. Fitting, for an Asian-style carrier, don't you think?
After the holidays, if you want one for yourself or to give as a gift, let me know. I'm going to try selling them and see if I can help Brice out with the family income by doing so.

Okay, I really need to be doing other things right now while Alaina is asleep so I've got to run. After the holidays I'll try to get back on track with all the blog-worthy events I've been saving up over the last few months...

Merry Christmas everyone!