Friday, June 26, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Sorry for the long silence. Our computer is pooping out on us. We had to do a total reboot, which means I have to re-download my picture software and that is proving to be a bit of a pain. Then, my memory card malfunctioned and I need to get it fixed hopefully without losing the pictures that are on there. Especially the video I took on my camera the other day of Alaina learning to get up on her hands and knees. It took some effort that first day, but the second day, she was popping right up and rocking. The third day she would plant her toes and get up on her feet and hands! What does she think she's doing!? She's barely 5 months old! Today is the fourth day, so we'll see what she does!

We've had lots and lots of fun lately. And lots and lots of company. We've gone camping in the rain, shooting, swimming (Raelin suddenly decided that she was ready to be a swimmer and she removed her life-vest and immediately started swimming around underwater wherever she wanted to go! Go, Raelin!), to the Children's Museum in SLC, and I can't remember what else. Once I get my pictures going, I'll catch up. But for now, I mostly just wanted to brag about my 5-month-old almost crawler and my little swimmer. Ryker's been mostly breaking things, so I guess I could brag about how he broke Raelin's headband into 5 pieces with one snap... That's pretty spectacular, right?