Sunday, July 10, 2011

My kids are so cool!

I've been wanting to do this post for a while but I was hoping to collect more pictures. Eh, well, I'm just going to go for it and see what pics I have.

My kids do the most awesome things! Lots of times I get really frustrated with how much mess they make and how much trouble they cause, but by letting them make the messes and cause the trouble, they also develop independence, creativity, and ambition. So I try not to sweat the small stuff and focus more on all the awesome things they come up with to do with all their autonomy. Here are some recent examples of just how cool my kids are, in no particular order:

Landon lets me hold him on his back and toss him in the air and he tucks just perfectly to do a full 360 barrel roll. I've got to get it on video. He thinks it hilarious.
My kids caught a BIG fish in a POT!!!!!! This one blew me away! They came running in the house, all out of breath, and asked for a pot. I got them the camping pot and a while later they came back with this:

The kids build a fort with stuff from Brice's lumber stash and using all kinds of stuff to keep their "walls" from falling over. They played in it all day.

Landon can hang from the monkey bars.
The kids can set up their tent all by themselves! Love that. They camp in the backyard frequently.
Their fort they built up the canyon.
Raelin loves to dance. I love this outfit even though it's kinda weird. Her style is all her own and I love it. I think she pulls it off really well.
While Raelin's style carries over through all her outfits, Ryker has this one outfit that is a favorite. He loves to wear my soccer socks with shorts.
Landon eats dirt
And roots. And rocks (not pictured).
My cool kids in their cool shades.
Alaina manages to make a face full of food and drool look absolutely gorgeous. I don't know how she does it.
Raelin holds slimy salamanders and loves it.
She also climbs trees like nobody's business. There's a tree at the library that's about 50 feet tall and she can climb to the tippy top. It's hilarious to see her little face poking out of the branches way up there. And I totally trust her in trees too. She's like a leopard.
The breakfast they invented: Kiwi, toast, mango, and frosting.
They love to find the biggest hills around and run as fast as they can down them. Rolling down them is loads of fun too.
Alaina makes an awesome funny face.


Natasha said...

I love this post! Your kids ARE super awesome!!