Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cute Pictures

We don't have very many exciting things to tell right now. Brice and I are both going to school and I LOVE it. I love school, I love that we get to have evenings together again, I love that Brice gets to spend time with the kids while I'm in class, and I love school (did I say that already?). It's all just great! These pictures of Raelin in this green jacket are first, to show off how cute and beautiful she is and second, for Uncle Jesse who gave her the coat for Christmas last year. It was a little big then, but it fits perfectly this year and Raelin and I both LOVE it.
Raelin has been such an extra great girl lately. She is just growing and learning in leaps and bounds. Brice and I were both pretty sick this weekend and Raelin took care of herself and didn't get into any trouble or complain about Mommie and Daddy needing rest. She's given us some great quote-ables lately. Here's one: The other day we watched 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians and afterwards she was drawing a bunch of dalmatians. I asked her if she was going to be an artist when she grew up and she said yes. I asked her what kind of artist she wanted to be--one that paints things for people's walls or designs clothes like the girl in the movie or designs houses or makes sculptures or what. She said she was going to sell puppies and give them to the poor. I said, "Cuz everyone needs puppies, huh." She said, "Yeah, but not everyone has puppies. That's a big job, huh. And it's really important."
This is Ryker at his favorite pastime of late. The two houses next door to us are being framed right now and Ryker loves to get wrapped in a blanket and go out on the porch to watch all the tractors and trucks do their work. It's been about 25 degrees for the last week, but that boy loves his tractors!
Cute kids with their pocket scarfs.


JJCO said...

Those are great looking kids!

Karly said...

That jacket is adoreable! I want one just like it. :) Good job uncle Jesse.

BreAn said...

Your kids are SO cute!
I especially love that first one of Raelin in her coat, and the one of Ryker wrapped in his blanket. Kids do the cutest things!