Friday, October 23, 2009

Addendum to Summer Posts

I found another file of pictures on my computer from this summer that ought to be on the blog, so here they are!Brice riding horses at my parents house.

I love taking pictures of Alaina. As I was going through this file, Ryker was watching and labeling all the pictures as I clicked through them. It went something like this: "House, Ryker, Alaina, Alaina, Alaina, Alaina, Ryker, Zuma, Alaina, Alaina, Raelin, Raelin, Alaina, Alaina, us eating corn, Alaina eating corn, Alaina eating corn again..." You get the idea.

Ryker loves his sister! He's such a good big brother--always willing to help with anything Alaina needs.
Me and Ryker being silly.

Ryker posing as a cool dude.

This is how Daddy gets Alaina dressed.

Daddy helping Alaina be a cool dudette.

Alaina loves baths!

Zuma and Alaina are so funny together. They're constantly snatching things from each other. Zuma's faster but Alaina is more determined. Alaina will find a toy (usually paper or a crayon or something) and Zuma will come up and grab it out of her hands. Alaina doesn't get upset; she just reaches over and takes it back. Then Zuma takes it and runs across the room with it and Alaina crawls over to wrestle it away from her. I love that Alaina isn't afraid of the animals (she squeals and laughs whenever they are around) and I love that Zuma has a soft enough mouth that I don't worry about her biting the baby.
Goofy face, but she's STANDING! (And falling in this picture) She's up to about 30 seconds now and she usually does it when she's not thinking about it. Once she realizes she standing on her own, she slowly sits down. Yesterday she was outside on the grass with a rock in her hand (why do we buy kids toys?). She doesn't like the feeling of the grass on her legs so she was crawling on her hands and her feet. Then she wanted to look at the rock and play with it with two hands. So instead of sitting down, she just stood up! She stood up playing with it for a few seconds and then sat back down. I was amazed! She's SO strong! Especially for being so little. At her Dr. appointment yesterday, she'd fallen off the growth chart completely and is in the negative 3rd percentile or something. But since she can do things like stand alone and go from crawling to standing, I doubt there's anything wrong with her.


C Tam said...

your photos are turning more and more beautiful--whatever you've been doing with the outdoor shots especially, keep it up! That's great that a 3rd born child has a lot of photos, because I remember my mom lamented that each successive child got fewer and fewer photos taken of them--and while the first born might be ok, think of the poor kids down the line who can fit their whole life through elementary school years into one little scrapbook...