Monday, February 22, 2010


Ryker says the funniest things.

After church:
Brice: Do you guys want to go for a drive?
Kids: Nooooooooooo!!!
Brice: Why not?
Ryker: Because we should go straight home and eat sugar.

Towards the end of a long day of Ryker snatching treats with the last straw being that he was snatching (again) Raelin's Valentine's hearts while her back was turned:
Me: Ryker! NO MORE CANDY!! You may not have any more candy for the rest of the day!
Ryker: Waaaaaaa! I just love sugar!!!

Followed by a complete meltdown and consequently an early bedtime. Sugar overload I guess.

Showing the kids some more dollars I printed out for our family money system (they were smaller than the last batch):
Kids: Aaaawwww! They're so cute!
Ryker: They're like a baby horse. Cuuuute!

What?! Where did that come from?

In the car:
Ryker: And when we have the new baby, it can sit in that seat, and then our next baby can sit in this seat, and then our next baby can sit in that seat and then when we have our next baby, we won't have any more seats and we'll have to get a new car.
Me: How many more babies do you think we're having?
Ryker: 8!

He's continued to tell me that we are having 8 more kids in our family for a grand total of 11 kids. Yeah, right.


C Tam said...


On a more serious note, I have a little bro like Ryker who has always been a sugar monster. I just remembered my mom told me he did a lot better at controlling his sugar intake/not craving when he was taking flax oil or some other kind of healthy oil. Maybe it was cod liver pills. Anyway, just a thought.

Carmen said...

He is so hilarious and adorable! its kind of unbelievable how funny he is.