Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I thought perhaps I should explain the new background. There are two reasons.

1. I'm trying to think warm thoughts in hopes that spring will come quickly and the weather will stop teasing me with its bipolarity. I'm sick of snow that never sticks and bright sunny days that get your hopes up only to have them dashed when you step outside to find that it's freezing and windy. We have had occasional warm-ish days, but then I wake up the next morning to find it snowing. Again. Guess how much snow is on the ground right now. None. Guess when it snowed last. 10:00 this morning. Story of my life right now and I'm so sick of it! I want sunshine and t-shirt weather!!!!!!! Even Ryker, who's always happy and excited about everything, has been begging to plant things and I have to keep explaining to him that the plants would die because it's too cold.

2. My computer with the new operating system is set so that I have to zoom out to see the whole frame, so I'll probably forget what background I have for several months. With this one, I won't have to worry about it until fall.


The Dennert Family said...

the new background wasn't in question - it's the fact that you REALLY look like you're playing favorites when only alaina shows up in your picture titled "the somers family." lol

Gina said...

hello eye lashes

Cummins Family said...

OK, so that little girl is GORGEOUS... Have some Eyelashes, holy cow!I mean really... ALL your kids are the most beautiful children EVER!