Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I was complaining to a friend of mine via e-mail the other day about how much I hate Sundays. A day of rest...? HA! It's about the most not-restful thing I can imagine, but before I get into it myself, I have to post my friend's response because it is just SO perfect! I asked her if she hates Sundays as much as I do and she said,

"Oh, and I just LOOOOOOOOVE going to church with toddlers!!! It’s so fun, I don’t understand why you have such a hard time at all. It’s pure bliss for me, like so totally relaxing. I’d rather be there with Riley screaming and throwing stuff, and trying to run up to the podium over being home any day! I mean who doesn’t want to take a high strung toddler to sacrament meeting 3 hours past naptime? I wouldn’t have it any other way, you know, because the spirit is just SO strong when I’m hauling my child out kicking and screaming because I don’t understand what she’s asking for, because SHE doesn’t even understand what she’s asking for, because she’s so beyond tired it’s ridiculous!!! Having Sacrament last was the BEST idea that someone who clearly doesn’t have small children around anymore came up with! I mean really, the BEST idea ever! Oh and YES, I LOVE getting my girls ready for church in the morning BY MY SELF!!! [Her hubby is the Elder's Quorum president and has meetings before church every week] And guess what? Not too far from now I’ll be dressing THREE, 1… 2… 3… GIRLS in dresses with tights and hair bows, two of which are able to run away and scream “I don’t want to….”, plus packing a diaper bag, books, and coloring supplies, then I have to carry in the baby and if she’s in the wrap I’ll have to put the wrap on, then get ALL THREE of my kids out of CARSEATS, make sure we’re all holding hands, grab the dumb heavy diaper bag and walk into church! That’s if the baby is in the wrap! If she’s in the car seat, I’ll have to get the dumb heavy car seat out, plus the big dumb diaper bag, plus make sure Riley doesn’t run into oncoming traffic, then make sure we’re all holding hands and walk in! Should I smile when I walk in like I’m the happiest little mom on the planet? Like I have the lightest load while wearing stupid dress shoes and church clothes that have hand prints with crumbs and food on both shoulders, maybe even on my buns because my kids hold on to my skirt instead of my hand after eating crackers that got all soggy and are now rubbed on me and crusted on! Yes! Yes I should because it’s a BLESSING to be stressed, tired, moody, impatient, walked all over, puked on, pooped on, sucked on, screamed at, and whined at! Ha, I crack myself up, I should write a book! I really do love being at church, but it’s not always pleasant. I just find comfort in knowing I’m where I need to be and so are our kids! It will get easier as they get older I suppose, as in the sitting in sacrament quietly and not having to bring stuff for them to do, or dress them, or carry them in part. I don’t know what types of challenges we’ll be facing then!"

Welp, that about sums it up! Sundays in a nutshell.

And here's what happens at our house after church on Sunday (hopefully):And this one's particularly backwards--Raelin read Daddy to sleep??

Out of the five of us, who do you think is most in need of a nap? ME!!!! But who is awake? ME! (And Raelin. She's outgrown naps and it's really throwing off my groove with the kids out of school!) It's okay, I actually hate taking naps (they make me grumpy) even though I'm pregnant enough at this point that I can't really make it through the day without one. Ah, the joys of Sundays! Worth it though? Definitely! It's the least we can do after all our Father and our Savior have done for us!


Gina said...

Oh Kari I love you. That is so great!!!

Beck said...

LOL, so funny! Love the email from your friend. Made me LOL!! Have a great day (: