Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Update, but no baby yet

When my friends are expecting a baby any day, I always check their blog pretty much daily to see if there's any news. I get so excited for them! And no news always makes me wonder if that means they're busy with their new baby or just have nothing to report. So I figured that if anyone else is like me, you might appreciate having confirmation that we have NOT had our baby yet. But we're close (and don't worry; I'll be sure to post the day we have him/her!). On Monday I woke up with good strong regular pressure waves (Hypnobabies lingo for contractions). They were 8 minutes apart and lasted about 40 seconds to a minute long and they stayed that way for a couple of hours. But I think I got overzealous and started building my new crib (my sister and mom put together a baby shower for me--I have a hunch that it was just to try to get me a crib and I'll post more about it when I get pictures from my sister--and they got me the crib I was coveting from a few posts back! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It makes me happy! Thank you to all those who contributed!) and cleaning house and doing lots of stuff like that until I realized that the pressure waves had kind of petered out. I was kind of frustrated for the rest of the day. Partly because I wanted to be unpregnant, partly because I wanted to meet my baby, and partly because I'd kept Brice home from a shed job that we could really use right now. By the evening, though, I realized that my frustration was a rather faithless emotion to be having. The Lord knew that I would keep Brice home that day, so He must have a reason. And according to Hypnobabies, babies are born on their birthday and the Lord knows when that is too. So I should just be patient and trust my body and my baby's. It must just need a little longer to cook. And after 9 months of only knowing this baby on my insides, what's a few more days? (If you recall, I had a TOTALLY different attitude when I was pregnant with Alaina. Hypnobabies works wonders on my emotions! What a blessing!) So my thought at this point is that my birthing time (aka labor) will be shorter as I continue to have practice pressure waves. They aren't really uncomfortable and I can feel them working and getting my body ready. So I'll just relax (I haven't been timing them or anything and I plan to just go off my intuition as to when it's time to call my midwife) and let them do their job so that when things really get going, most of the work will already be done and the baby will come quickly and easily. I'm envisioning a 3 hour birthing from start to finish, with about 20 minutes of intense concentration to get through transition to the pushing part, which is my favorite--it's always a relief to push! And it's fast too. So we'll see if my birthing visualization (a Hypnobabies technique) comes true!

I also have to mention that Brice is the cutest daddy. He gets so excited! It really messed up his week to take Monday off, but I think I'm more bothered by it than he is! He's had to rearrange everything about his week and he's just as happy as can be! Almost to the point of being giddy. I love it. His happiness and excitement helps me to feel better when I'm feeling huge and immobile and sore (anyone know how to realign a pelvis? Mine is all out of place. OW!). What a cute and sweet daddy he is! I love him!


NicholsSouth said...

Hahahaha!! Dude, totally like you...I've been wondering (and checking of your blog religiously) if you had the baby yet after that whole false labor thing on FB!!! Hooray for patience and hooray for a new pretty crib!!!!! Woot woot!! Thanks for keeping us nosy ones posted. :)

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the update. I'm one of those that is wondering if baby has come yet. Good luck, hope it all goes just the way you want it to. Briana said yesterday, I want my baby to be born on a Friday. I said, good luck with that. :) Congrats on your new crib!