Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I know, I know. So much for once a week posts, huh.

But aren't these the cutest kids in the universe!? Worth the wait, anyway, right?
How cute is she in her daddy's hat and those little braids! I could just eat her up!Ryker played in the yard this morning and he worked hard at cleaning off the pumpkins we got for family night last night.
Playing at the park.
These two have been best buddies lately. They play together so well and they look out for each other. I love it when they get along well! We were at a park yesterday and I heard Ryker start to cry a genuine hurt-cry. I started over to where they were and Raelin had his little hand in hers and was walking him towards me. So cute! What a good big sister!
This was Ryker's other fun project this morning: Finger painting with shaving cream on a cookie sheet.
I was actually surprised; he loved it, but he kept wanting to wash it off. Usually he LOVES messes. I guess they aren't quite as much fun when Mommie tells you to make them.

This is one of my latest projects (above). It's a mei tai style carrier. I made it for the new baby, but Ryker loves it and he wanted to be my show-and-tell dolly. It's pretty comfy, even with a kid as big as Ryker.And last, but not least, this is our big preschooler. She loves going to school and she has a great time there (Ryker wishes he could go too. You should see the tantrums he throws when we leave after dropping Raelin off in the morning!). We'd hoped to get her into kindergarten this year (she would be if we still lived in California, but the cut-off dates in Utah are earlier), but since we couldn't, we decided to do preschool to get her into a routine and ready for next year when she'll hopefully be ready to jump right into first grade. They won't test kids into kindergarten, but they will test them into first grade. Weird... Anyway, she hates getting up early, but she LOVES her school! We've also been working with her at home and she is learning how to sound out words and how to add and subtract. Brice is a wonderful teacher! I'm so glad that Brice has the opportunity to spend so much time with the kids right now. What a blessing for all of us! He's actually with them more than I am this semester because I have class three days a week and he only has class two days. It's great for the kids because he is so great at getting them to help around the house, keeping on top of any reinforcement plan we have (lately it's been stickers for no thumb sucking and it's going great!), and teaching the kids all kinds of things. They help him work in the yard and he spends time teaching Raelin to read and both kids love to do math with him. What a great daddy!


Gina said...

I just love your kids. I had so much fun having them around all weekend. I have some great pictures of them you need to remind me to give them to you because i have the best ones EVER!!! You are going to die.

Tori Whitmore said...

Hi Morgan,

Yes, we are coming up next week actually. We arrive on Wed. and Norris is staying until Monday and I am staying until that next saturday.. Let's get together for sure. Maybe Sunday?

melissa said...

Adorable braid pictures. Can I eat her up too?
You are so lucky to have Brice (not that I'm partial or anything) but he's just the best guy! He is a really great Dad. I hope school is going well. We miss you!

BreAn said...

Great pictures! And I love your mei tai! Thats great! Would you mind sending me a copy of the pattern or telling me where to find it??

Laina said...

You have some really freakin CUTE kids!!!