Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pregnant Belly Pics

Well, I thought that I should include a picture of how huge I'm getting to go along with the post about having less than 100 days left of pregnancy. We're at 26 and a half weeks or so. I am the whiniest pregnant woman ever. I don't think my pregnancies are that bad compared to some, but I hate, hate, hate it. You just go from one discomfort to the next, always with labor looming in the distance (you'd think I'd be looking forward to the new baby enough to forget about the labor part, but no. Baby is what gets me through just the labor part. Throughout the pregnancy, it's labor pains that are on my mind. That and the baby name debate). And this pregnancy isn't that bad right now! I'm relatively comfortable and mobile. But heart burn is the pits and round ligaments should just be amputated. My back doesn't hurt yet and my hips aren't sore from sleeping yet. Restless legs syndrome has been minimal (thank goodness!). I look huge (to myself anyway) but I really haven't gained that much weight, thanks to morning sickness and my swimming class. So, all in all it's been a good pregnancy so far and I'm looking forward to a new baby in the family, but I'm still a wuss about the discomfort. The kids brighten my day though. I just love it when Ryker comes up and kisses my belly and says, "I love that baby." Today he got hurt and I went to give him a hug as he was running towards me and crying, but right when he got to me he kissed the belly and forgot the hurt. I love that boy.


Cummins Family said...

You are sooo cute! You so don't look huge at all! You're all baby! I totally know what you feel like though...I was JUST there! Do you want me to send you my whale pic?? :)Hugs and kisses!

LAURA and ELIZA said...

you look beautiful! youre lucky you dont feel the hip pain yet. geez! i felt it month 3 i think! love you!

Jason Lanier said...

One hot mamma!

Oh, this is Kara by the way. NOT Jason. That would be weird. Anyway, I used Jason's blogger so you can view our family halloween pics on his blog.